Videos aren’t working on my Android Device

Depending on where you live, the videos on this platform may not be visible due to the video hosting site being blocked in your country

This is a step-by-step tutorial to set up a FREE VPN so that you can watch the videos from anywhere.

Follow these simple steps to activate VPN on your Android:

Step 1 : Download Opera Browser from Your Play Store
Step 2 : Click “Install” and wait for the app to be installed
Step 3 : Open Opera Browser and click customize
Step 4 : Choose your preference of ads and data collection (none of this will affect the VPN, so please choose as you like) and click confirm
Step 5 : On Opera Homepage browser, click settings on the right down corner (follow the red arrow)
Step 6 : Tap the VPN Logo
Step 7 : If this is your first time you need to review the settings, you only need to do it one time
Step 8 : choose Optimal Server
Step 9 : Now your VPN is On, you can turn it off by tap the VPN logo 

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