Videos aren’t working on my Laptop or Desktop

Depending on where you live, the videos on this platform may not be visible due to the video hosting site being blocked in your country.

This is a step-by-step tutorial to set up a FREE VPN so that you can watch the videos from anywhere.

Follow these simple steps for desktop or android users:

Step 1 : Download Opera Browser here :
Step 2 : Click “Download Now”
Step 3: Wait until your download is done and finish the setup of the Opera Browser
Step 4 : Click the “Easy Setup” on the right corner of the browser
Step 5: Scroll down and choose “VPN Enable in Settings”
Step 6: Click “I Understand”  when VPN notice appears
Step 7: Enable VPN
Step 8: Check your VPN connection
Blue: connected
Orange : searching for connection/ on progress
White: VPN Off
Step 9: Click the VPN Icon to choose your location.
It is better to use the nearest location from your current location to get the best connection/speed. For Example if you are in Bali then the best location will be Asia.

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